What to do with PANTONE® Color of the Year

Knowing there has been a lot in the news lately that is not related to what color to paint your walls, we understand if this subject feels a little light. We also know that sometimes you need a break from the heavy stuff. So pull up a chair and look at beautiful ways to incorporate … Read More

Your Holiday Go-To Appetizer – A Charcuterie Board

It’s that time of year when we’re either hosting friends and family or visiting friends and family. And what we all gather around isn’t the stimulating conversation of Aunt Betty, but the food. Oh the glorious food of the holidays. By January we curse the food but right now we’re at the starting line of … Read More

Hygge. It’s not how you pronounce it, but how you practice it.

Don’t worry, “hygge” is not a disease. It’s actually something you want to catch, or at least catch onto. Hygge, pronounced “hooga” is a Danish term meaning “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” While there isn’t a direct translation into English, think of it as “creating a … Read More

Winter Prep – A Master Fall Maintenance List for Your Home

Anybody can spring clean, but we’d place our money on a Minnesotan to prepare for winter. When a house needs to withstand a 100-degree temperature swing from summer to winter, it can’t do it all on it’s own. As homeowners, there are certain rites of autumn that we need to take care of for our … Read More